Our Mission. To serve as a catalyst for fully engaging the community and bringing innovative approaches to creating a healthier Niagara Falls.

Change is getting involved

If we want to improve the health and well-being of our city and its residents, change needs to start with an investment from the community itself. As committed residents of Niagara Falls, we hope to lead by example and encourage others along the way to step forward and join us as “Change Agents.”

Look around to learn more about our work groups and programs, and check back soon for our community calendar!


Resident-Led Projects

Engaging residents to become an active part in solving problems and leading community change.

Healthy Food Healthy People

Ensuring residents have access to, and choose to eat, healthy foods.

Healthy Behaviors

Promoting mental, physical and sexual health through community initiatives.

Voices of Niagara

Learn about how we’re sharing stories to tell the shared history of our community.

Youth City Council

Empowering Niagara Falls youth to get actively engaged in the community.

Get Involved

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